Octo-Memory is a simple memory game with a Halloween twist. It's currently in heavy development, but it's playable. Artwork is a temporary custom job. I'm hoping to replace this with better pixel art, but for now these quick Inkscape drawings have to do.

Initial Windows version is now available.

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Octo-Memory-win-1.1.zip 2 MB
Octo-Memory.AppImage 6 MB

Install instructions

Windows users: Download the zip file, and run the .exe file. Windows may flag the file as unsafe because it does not contain a signed certificate. 

Linux users: You will need to set the AppImage to have "execute" permission. Generally, you can right click on the AppImage, click the permissions tab, and check the checkmark to allow the program to "Execute"/Run. After you do this, you should just be able to click on the AppImage to run the game.

Development log

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